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Customer Benefits


Access to our large fleet of motorbikes, pick-ups, vans and trucks


Drivers bid for deliveries on the platform ensuring great prices!


Drivers and vehicles are vetted, and the goods being transported are insured

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Drive for us

Amitruck improves drivers work by enabling them to access more clients, plan their days ahead, reduce idle time and empty runs. It ensures transparency, accurate trip information and fair prompt payment.

How it works

  • Receive delivery requests directly on the APP
  • Submit your price (for jobs you want to do)
  • Pick up and deliver the goods
  • Prompt payment is made once delivery is confirmed

Driver benefits

  • Full control of your vehicle
  • Choose when and what deliveries you do
  • Accurate distance
  • You set the price
  • Prompt payment
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About us

Amitruck is bringing trust and transparency back to transport. We aim to connect every cargo owner with interested transporters in a transparent, efficient and secure manner then let them set their own terms.

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Great prices Drivers bid for deliveries on the platform ensuring competitive prices

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Secure Vehicles and drivers are vetted and the goods are insured

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Convenient Access our large network of motor bikes, pick ups, vans and trucks on line or on the mobile app

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